Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rock is online!

Camp Rock Enon has joined the Internet.

Read the blog.

Tweet at Twitter.

...and more to come!

Friday, February 06, 2009


OK, I'll give it a try: Scoutsigns on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Messenger bag for my Scouts

I don't know about your Scouts, but mine seem to be allergic to remembering their books, paper and something to write with, all at the same time.

They often get 1 or 2, but rarely all 3.

This messenger bag is from (#62004) for $29.99, and will be recommended highly tonight.

  • Olive green bag, screen-printed with "Boy Scouts of America 1910-2010"
  • Tan embroidered, universal emblem over printing
  • Large inside compartment has room for binder, books
  • Pen slots
  • Small inside compartment has room for binder, books
  • Outside compartment for carrying files, phone
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, clip closures
  • 100% canvas w/chino lining

TIP: Enter Promotion Code S9909 at checkout to take advantage of 99 cent freight during the month of February!

Your Pinewood Derby is Showing!

Ever stop to think about what your pack’s “Pinewood Derby” says about your unit?

I know PWD’s run the gamut from non-competitive play to competition (and parent) intensive ordeals to be endured.

All of them are loud, too!

We didn’t have a pinewood derby for the first 3 years of our pack. The first year, we were simply too new to pull it off. The next 2, I was very hesitant to introduce “bad parenting” to the events.

You know what I mean—the professionally constructed car; Scouts not allowed to touch the cars (including their own); official weigh-ins; adults handling the races; electronic scoring and spreadsheets; endless conversations about axles, graphite, and burrs on the wheels…and bored kids hanging out waiting for their turn.

Last year, we decided to give it a try. The Scouts got their kits for Christmas from the pack, and had until the January pack meeting to get them ready to go.

I offered scant advice—parents should help their Scout as much as he needed it, and no more. Timmy Tiger needs a lot of help, and Wally Webelos should just need a lift to the meeting.

The pack meeting was a quick presentation of awards earned that month, followed by, “get in line with your car, 3 Scouts at a time”. I made a big deal during the weeks prior to the big event that we would race as long as they wanted.

We raced, and raced and raced some more.

Scouts pared up against each other and no one was upset, or bored. The kids did everything except flip the starting gate (my job!). Families stood around and cheered, little siblings jumped around and yelled.

As Scouts and their families needed to call it a night, they went home. Last few families called it a night just after 9PM, with over 2.5 hours of racing wrapped up.

No one won, and everyone won. No awards or medals. Just fun.

Tonight we race again, and the excitement is high.