Monday, January 26, 2009

Personal Management and Mentally Awake

I didn't want this to wait for the next "Patrol Box".

Part of "mentally awake" is learning the basics of managing your money. It doesn't get any more basic than this--and the techniques used are still valid.

This video is as true today as ever--and with the continuing slide in camera prices, it isn't too far off either!

Definitely a must see for the Personal Management merit badge...and any Scout who needs to be reminded that, "A Scout is thrifty."

Your Thrift Habits (1948)

Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Cub Scout Monthly Themes

Many packs and dens find the monthly themes useful.

They help to integrate the program with fun ideas and twists to keep the boys engaged.

[I wish the Program Helps covered Webelos--they always seem to get left out of the theme.]

One of the first things I do in June is email out the list of monthly themes to our den leaders, with the expectation that the themes be used. They are great skeletons to build on.

2009 Monthly Themes

January--"A-MAZE-ing" Games
February--American ABC's
March--When I Grow Up
April--Jurassic Pack
May--Leave Nothing But Footprints
June--A Camping We Will Go
July--Be A Sport
August--Fun In The Sun
September--Cub Scout Pockets
October--Jungle Safari
November--Cub Scout Salute
December--Works Of Art

June's theme is special. My youngest son will finally be a Tiger Scout, spending the last 5 years watching an older brother move through the pack and into the Boy Scouts.

Do you use the monthly theme in your pack or den? Do you have trouble (or a good solution) for integrating the them with your Webelos Scouts?

Share your expertise in the comments.

Weekend Patrol Box #13

As mentioned before, I've been busy. Or maybe it was the number 13?

Camping kind of comes to a standstill during the Christmas and New Year's seasons. Too much work, never enough family, and an endless parade of Scouting paperwork. Think recharter...summer camp deposits...times 2 for a pack and a troop.

Sometime this year, I think/hope Venture Crew 423 will be born. Lots of planning, goal setting, and clean-up to do.

However, the Patrol Box is ready to go, looking for relaxation, education and a lot of fun!

  • Lone Star Scouter gives us something to think about: Scouters being physically fit.
  • The last "Merit Badge of the Week" challenges Scout to earn (and Scouters to "earn") the Athletics merit badge.
  • A good starting point, delivered to your email daily: Walk for Life Program
  • Apogee Rockets--Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts LOVE model rockets. Even if you are not a client, the information and newsletter archive are fascinating. Oh, and they have a grant program for groups.
  • Attitude--The Scoutmaster Minute: I'll be using this one soon.
  • Scouts have a lot of activities on their plates--The Trainer's Corner has advice on how to win their hearts and minds.
  • It's KNOT funny! Set an example for your Scouts by showing them that recognition is important. Are you up to date?
  • Swap postcards from your mailbox all around the worl--you never know where you'll hear from next! is free (but you have to buy the postage).
  • Need help with your pack or troop newsletter? Look at KISMIF's template. Do you have a newsletter?
  • BSA's Smoking Stinks! video contest--win an iPod Touch with 32GB, or a camcorder and a free BSA high-adventure camp. Maybe earn the Cinematography merit badge along the way. Deadline is 04 MAR 2009.
See anything you like? Anything missing? Email me or post a comment and let me know.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Boy Scout Monthly Themes

Each month, the Boy Scout Roundtable has a plan to highlight the monthly themes for the following month.

The idea is to give you a "leg up" on material to help your Scouts expand their horizons a bit.

I wish they encouraged the units to use it more. This statement seems to water down the intent a bit, and in my mind undermines the purpose of the Roundtable theme:

Troops are encouraged to establish their own programs using Troop Program Features (Volumes I (No. 33110), II (No. 33111), and III (No. 33112)) and Troop Program Resources, No. 33588A. Therefore, they might not follow the suggested monthly program themes. You may decide to poll your units and adjust your annual program themes.

This Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide is designed to focus on serving new and weaker units, which need more direction and support.

2009 Monthly Themes

February--Public Service
March--Cultural Diversity/Disability Awareness
April--Wildlife Management
June--Emergency Preparedness
July--Health Care
December--First Aid

How do you use the monthly themes? Do you use the themes? Do you consider your program "new or weak"? Does your Roundtable follow the schedule?

Series of series

OK, I've been busy.

2009 is looking a lot better, and I have a lot of plans for the blog in the new year.

Pick up the "Weekend Patrol Box" series.
Continue the "Merit Badge of the Week" series.
Add a "Cub Theme of the Month" series.
Mix in the "BSA Monthly Theme" series.

...and a couple of other projects in the works that I'm holding my breath on right now.

A Scout is brave.