Monday, December 22, 2008

Architecture Merit Badge Overnighter

[Scouters in Dallas-Ft. Worth TX area--please share in Comments if you have any more data!]

OK, this requires some explaining.

I saw a comment posted related to "Boy Scouts" and "Architecture".

I've tried multiple times on separate occasions to get a link to work for the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas TX. Maybe it isn't working properly, maybe it is me. I use IE and a modern laptop.

Finally I searched for "Boy Scouts Dallas Architecture" in Google, and then selected the "Cached" link.

With some more trial and error, this is what I learned. The Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas is having an Architecture merit badge overnighter for Boy Scouts. (Yes, the link provided in Google is the one I used here, but I've had no luck.)

But in the interest of increasing the number of Architecture merit badges, here is the cached info.

Event is 31 JAN 2009, a Saturday night. Deposit is due 5 weeks in advance (27 DEC!), so hurry. Full paperwork and fees are due 3 weeks in advance, so there is still plenty of time to get your Scouts signed up.

Contact information from the cache copy: Contact Reservations at 214-428-5555 X 8 for more information.

Good luck, and let me know how the event goes. If only I lived 1238 miles closer...


Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the museum scouting page. Let's see if this works for you!

FamilyMan said...


I tested this on my dial-up connection 3 times, and it won't launch.

However, on my DSL connection, it launched just fine.

That might be the issue, if it is optimized for high-speed?

But it works! and that is the important thing. Good luck with the program, and please come leave a comment later about how it went.