Wednesday, July 01, 2009

June Tweets

These were the 10 most popular tweets for @Scoutsigns in June:

1., tasty and funny! Anyone else going
camping this weekend?
356 Clicks
2. and Scouting
38 Clicks
3. Immunization Exemption Request
form New form and great
solution to a common problem.
24 Clicks
4. enough to transport the Royal Marines,
good enough for Scout camping...
17 Clicks
5. JUN is coming up-- Clicks
6. Scouts of America Rolls Out New National
Website Style | -
News, Opinion, Advice
15 Clicks
7. essay on the Boy Scouts!
13 Clicks
8. Patrol Box #17
12 Clicks
9. Scouting Twitter List is Ready!
11 Clicks
10. Speaker Clicks

Which tweets did you like best? Comics are apparently a hit! And what about that beach assault from the Royal Marines? Worth the long video! The Twitter List (May) and the essay (April) tweets are still hanging in there.


David T. Copeland said...

Hmm...I like them all! : )

FamilyMan said...

Thanks David. I'm always amused/surprised by which topics catch people's eyes. Keep reading!