Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Patrol Box #18

The Patrol Boxes have been a bit sporadic this summer, but hopefully you will find plenty of good stuff to look at here.

Fresh coat of paint, replace a couple of wobbly screws, scrub off the ketchup spots, and...voila! Good as new!

As always, there is so much to learn and only so many minutes to get it all done.

Start here:
  1. Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and Staff Basic Training Manual--the whole manual is here for you to digest how Roundtable ought to work.
  2. Check out the pictures of Living Root Bridges--nature's own Swiss Family Robinson.
  3. The Trainer's Corner brings us a great plan for Webelos Scouts to earn the Outdoorsman activity badge.
  4. His "Campfire Ash" is a terrific idea, too.
  5. BSA's National Jamboree Leader's Guide--almost 80 pages of details (fun even if you aren't going!).
  6. brings us ice caves 20 feet thick year-round--in New Mexico.
  7. Video 1:24) How to cook fish on a rock--also from (This is a magazine I always recommend to my older Scouts...and Scouters.)
  8. Popsticks--the manufacturer sent me one to try out (watch for review post soon) and my Scouts loved it. Trees never felt safer around a marshmallow.
  9. has the new Year of Celebration emblem!
  10. ...and finally another Centennial item from the Ring Emblem to go around your World Crest (that's the purple thing on your uniform). Very backordered, so get in line.
Which topic did you like best? What would you like to see more depth on? Please comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.

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