Friday, November 06, 2009

Weekend Patrol Box #26

Fall is in the air, no doubt about it.  Depending on where you are it might still be toasty warm during the day, or the trees might be at the height of color, or you have already had your fill of snow.

While the Scouts are out and about searching for letterboxes and geocaches, we can sit back and maintain the Patrol Box--make sure the water is hot, plenty of packets of hot chocolate and soup on hand and, of course, plenty of strong coffee to keep the chill off.

Also the right time of the year for apple cider.

However you run your patrol box this weekend, enjoy this week's Patrol Box.

  1. Troop Positions of Responsibility--BSA job descriptions for your troop's leadership and for Troop Leadership Training. (via
  2. Build and fly a 1900 Wright Glider (via
  3. I can't say enough about the possibilities of this trip:  hike or bike from Washington DC to Pittsburgh--330 miles. (via  and @advcyclingassoc).  We've backpacked 150 miles of it, and the Scouts love it. Venturers?
  4. Something completely different--write a novel in November?  Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is online and ready to help you out--they have a Young Writer's Program too that might interest your Scouts. (via and @nanowrimo)
  5. Merit Badge of the Week:  Chemistry
  6. New stuff at Scoutstuff! (via and @scoutstuff)  Nice Scout hoodie just in time for Christmas.
  7. Cub Scout newsletter, poster and calendar templates for leaders (via and @boyscouts)
  8. Also at, BSA's official Twitter feeds (via and @boyscouts)
  9. Cubs and families:  Ranger Rick has 4 outdoor fall activities for you--Leaf Labyrinth, Leaf Angels, Leaf Memory (!), and Leaf Rubbings. (via National Wildlife Federation and @nwf)
  10. "African Adventures" by Baden-Powell (via Amazon)
So, will you go to Africa, learn about chemistry, make a leaf angel, write a novel, build an airplane or bike an adventure?  This week you can do it all!  Comments below or via Twitter are appreciated!

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