Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2009's November Tweets

November had a number of interesting topics, including "THE" stamp for the BSA Centennial.

November's Top 10:
  1. ScoutSigns: 100th Anniversary Postage Stamp to be Announced! http://ow.ly/zQkO 
  2. #scouts New Post: Weekend Patrol Box #26 http://ow.ly/15ZTqe 
  3. Assorted BSA forms to tuck away for a rainy day... http://ow.ly/DrPB includes talent survey and adult/youth transfer forms 
  4. #scouts New Post: Weekend Patrol Box #25 http://ow.ly/15YozR 
  5. Merit Badge of the Week: Backpacking http://ow.ly/15NraY 
  6. #scouts Weekend Patrol Box #24--enjoy! http://ow.ly/wklF 
  7. #scouts New Post: Weekend Patrol Box #23 http://ow.ly/15TT05 
  8. #scouts New Post: Merit Badge of the Week: Cinematography http://ow.ly/160Yb3 
  9. BSA Pack Trainer qualifications and responsibilities http://ow.ly/Brla 
  10. Cub Scout Pack Newsletter, Poster, and Calendar Templates http://ow.ly/yyFk 
A bit discouraging, I have to admit, are the numbers for the merit badge series--may have to rethink the approach--what do you think?

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