Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pop 'em Dead!

'Tis the season to sell popcorn, fa-la-la-la...

This is my second season as the Shenrapawa District Popcorn Chairman, using Trails End to help "support Scouting".

Last year, I wrapped up my first season with a list (which I can no longer find) of 30-40 things that I thought would help make things easier this year.

Let's say it was a learning experience.

One of the items that really stuck with me was the need to communicate ideas to the folks in the field.

Some of you have sold or managed the popcorn process for years, and some are brand new.

Sometimes a reminder of something we "should know" is helpful. I thought that a weekly series of short articles would help pass along ideas to help "support Scouting".

Feel free to cut-and-paste the weekly articles, or forward the blog, to your families and Scouts. They are written with the Scout as the audience.

These are the same materials I'm sharing with my pack and troop.

If you have any ideas or feedback, always feel free to bounce back and let me know.



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