Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Popcorn Tip--Week 1: Grandparents and family

Week 1: Grandparents and family

Start the popcorn season off on the right foot. Make the easy calls first.

Family and friends want to help support their loved ones, and that means quick and easy sales to you. They know you are in Scouts and want to help you succeed.

Treat them like any other customer though. Be nice. Be polite. Speak clearly, on the phone or in person. This is a good time to practice what you will say to others.

If they aren't interested, let them know that is OK, and talk to them about something else. Grandma is a lot more important than a popcorn sale!

Are you selling popcorn? Or are you asking them to help "support Scouting"? Popcorn is cheaper at the grocery store, but they will want to help "support Scouting".

If they are close by, swing by and speak to them in person.

If you won't see your grandparents, aunts and uncles until the holidays, call them for an order, or send them a copy of the order form. Thanksgiving is right in the middle of the "take order" delivery season, which might be a great time to deliver your product.

Good luck!

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