Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #10

Cold and blustery are coming your way.

Make sure that your patrol box is stocked with plenty of coffee (sugar and cream, if you like that) and hot chocolate mix to get through the weekend. And extra cups. Why do some of the Scouts always forget to bring a cup?

Oh, and plenty of spoons or coffee stirrers.

  1. The cool weather is making me think of indoor work, like woodworking. My Scout work would improve if I had the tools and space to make some projects happen. This is the winter...
  2. We signed up a new Cub Scout, fresh from Mexico. He speaks very little English right now, but is very excited. Our Bear Den Leader and I are rapidly learning about Spanish resources for the BSA online. Tip: we ordered a Spanish version of the Bear manual through our Scout office (for the parents) and an English version for him. Spanish edition was $2 cheaper! Scoutstuff pricing was the same though.
  3. Adult application in Spanish.
  4. Youth application in Spanish.
  5. Scouting...Vale la Pena! And in English!
  6. BSA Innovation Engine--lots of new ideas for Scouting. After the first of the year, you can contribute, too. Vote! C'mon Robotics Merit Badge!
  7. 0 (Zero) degree sleeping bags at for $30. Quick, while they last.
    "We recently received some Crescent Lake 0 Regular mummy sleeping bags which arrived to us with a minor cosmetic mistake. Our factory embroidered Crescent Lake 20 instead of Crescent Lake 0 on the outside of the bag."
  8. Don't forget to log your "Scouting for Food" into Good Turn for America.
  9. And read up on your BSA Good Turns. 100 train carloads of peach pits, really?
  10. brings us good advice on surviving disasters in the wild.
  11. Advanced Buddy System: Stay or Go?
  12. Hammock camping is a great way to be mobile in the video.
  13. Signal miror--can you use one properly? Do you own one? Image.
  14. Veterans Day is a good time to bring up the US Heritage Awards: Silver for Cub Scouts, Gold for Boy Scouts. Our Cub Scouts earn them while working on Citizen activity badge for Webelos rank.
  15. shared info on an ArrowCorps5 documentary coming.
  16. Webelos to BSA transition--great questions to know the answers to before you are asked.
  17. And those new Scouts are ready for the National Honor Patrol award over at

Lots to work and and think about this weekend. If there is anything you'd like to see on here, please let me know.

What do you like to read about for Scouting?


David said...

Regarding US Heritage awards: We've been waiting since March for our awards to arrive (now 8 months.) While the check has never been cashed, numerous inquiries have been unreturned and we have given up. While the requirements for the award are still quite worthwhile, the award itself seems to be unavailable.

FamilyMan said...

Thanks for the "heads up"! I just sent an order in, as we do each year about this time.

I'll see if I can find anything out for now.

FamilyMan said...

Update: Google turned up this string of information. I'm sorry to see so much bad press for them. In the past, we have received nice looking medals and patches for this award. I did try the phone number, and had no success.

My email hasn't been rejected yet, so I'll update you if I heard anything else.