Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #11

The snow is beginning outside my window. Lows this weekend in the teens--but a whole lot warmer than my years growing up on Eielson AFB, Alaska!

Yep, I'm still in t-shirts. And loving the cool weather.

I do try to encourage my Scouts to mentally fight the cold. A little toughness can go a long way with the weather. You learn a few tricks walking to school at 40 below zero!

Like how to hustle.

(By the way, if any Scout or Scouter from the Fairbanks or Eielson area see this, I'd love to hear about the troop on base!)

This week's Patrol Box will help you think about something besides the cold, too.
  1. Going somewhere? Use's Online Tour Permit--you can edit it online, save it to your system, and not have to hunt down the information each time.
  2. Maybe we could feature a recipe from their site, too: Train Wreck
  3. Let the cold motivate you to earn a merit badge indoors: Art is online at Scoutsigns and will keep you busy.
  4. In case you missed it, Architecture was posted. Dr. Architecture wants to help spread the word to your Scouts, too.
  5. Go to Iceland! Roverway registration for Scouts 16 and up, per It should be warmer that time of the year...
  6. Probably a good time to review hypothermia with, a part of their Survival 101 program.
  7. Free BSA basketball: spend $75 at (until 31 DEC or until they run out of basketballs!) Use Promo Code BB24108 at checkout.
  8. Autumn is a great time to collect things for a nature table, courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation. We have had one in our house for decades now. Kids love it!
  9. A Scoutmaster's Blog has a number of good things this week, but I'm partial to the manual collection.
  10. Christmas ornament from Hallmark (in store only): Snoopy and troop on Beagle Scout Day Out.
  11. Does anyone else wish we could order these ornaments (not just on cards)?
  12. The last Patrol Box mentioned woodworking--Bell Forest Products have an inexpensive assortment of exotic woods your Scouts might like to see (think Craftsman, Wood Carving and Woodwork).
  13. reminds us that the Pinewood Derby is just around the corner...thanks...
  14. OK, Scoutsigns isn't listed, but I'm sure it was an oversight: 30 Links for Cub Scouters
  15. A random click at Ropes and Poles brought me to "Fun with Ropes and Spars" at The Dump.
  16. Mike Rowe, Eagle Scout, just in case you are the last Scouter in America to see this letter.
  17. Do you need a copy sent to your Scout? From the bottom of the page:
    All you have to do is mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Eagle Scout Letter, Pilgrim Films and Television, 6180 Laurel Canyon Blvd., #350, No. Hollywood, CA 91606. Please allow 12+ weeks for Mike to fill it out, sign it and get it in the mail to you. And folks - this is an offer, a nice thing, a volunteer deal Mike wants to do for you - please don't complain if it takes a while to get to you, OK?

See anything you like, or didn't and you think should be here? Email me and let me know.

Now off to add Mike's show to my DVR...

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