Friday, May 01, 2009

April Tweets

Below is a summary of the most popular tweets from April (@Scoutsigns), per Hootsuite.

One thing I noticed is that the huge increase in clicks from Patrol Box #14 (68 clicks) over Patrol Box #15 (19 clicks).  

The difference?  I posted the link to #14 at the Boy-Scout-Talk YahooGroup, whereas I just listed the regular blog link for #15.  As many folks may have read #15, but it is harder to tell.

Good lesson.

Here you go:

Most Popular Tweets

1. essay on the Boy Scouts! Clicks
2. American Backyard Campout--add to your calendar! Clicks
3. Scouts bad for the environment? Clicks
4. speaks volumes...Tetanus Guide for Hikers and Adventurers | Clicks
5. Patrol Box #14 up What Scouting blogs do you like? Leave in comments!68 Clicks
6. once I'd like to be this organized... How organized is your pack or troop?24 Clicks
7.! Six Ways You Should Be Using Twitter (that Don't Involve Breakfast) - Feature Clicks
8. different Boy Scout Trail Another great Arbor Day idea.20 Clicks
9. No Trace Blog: To leave or not to leave... Firewood Clicks
10. Patrol Box #15 Clicks

So which did you like the best?  How about that tetanus picture/? Gruesome.

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