Monday, May 25, 2009

Speak up!

Recently I posted about becoming a BSA Speaker.

Nice picture of the knot.  Lots of rah-rah.  So this is kind of a part 2, but more details to entice you to give it a try.  Especially you bloggers or regular forum commenters out there who have a lot to say and share with the non-Scouting world.

I know, I know...non-Scouting world?  Hard to imagine.

Turns out, that once you are signed up for the BSA Speakers Bank, you will receive a nifty package in the mail.  I received one yesterday (so, yes, I take my own advice and I signed up).

Here's what you'll get in the mail:
  • Nice letter with a gold BSA Speaker lapel pin.
  • 60 page booklet on "Good Turn for America Tips for Success" aimed at encouraging participation in reporting Good Turn for America projects.
  • Detailed information on the webpage for the BSA Speakers Bank.
  • A collection of websites useful to speakers:, the BSA Brand Identity Guide, Speaking of Scouting, The Scout Zone,, Information Center, Language of Scouting and the online Insignia Guide.
  • Step-by-step instructions on adding BSA Speakers to your MyScouting profile.
  • Instructions on getting "Be Prepared I'm Prepared" brochure and Powerpoint presentation.
  • Nice guide called "Be Prepared" with flip pages on each Scouting program with FAQs, as well as a page for Charterd Organizations.

And the cool stuff:
  • 100 years of Scouting bumpersticker
  • BSA Speaker ribbon
  • Certificate from Robert Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive, appreciating my service to Scouting.

At the top of the certificate is an image of a position patch for "Speaker".  I can't find an image of it to share, but it is really sharp and if it doesn't exist, it should.

So, are you motivated to be a BSA Speaker yet?  Do you have a copy of the image you can share?  Are you a Speaker?  Tell me about your experiences.


David T. Copeland said...

The Scout Speaker program sounds really interesting and I plan to check it out.

Lee Ekstrom said...

Working on getting in the program locally. Great idea. I wonder if this was helped along by Mike Walton (Black Eagle)?

FamilyMan said...

David, any luck with this?
Lee, not that I know of!

Anonymous said...

I am in the speakers bank and have 18 speaches under my belt. It is alot of work and use my resources to help grow our FOS program here. The district uses me a lot ot get their info out.