Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merit Badge of the Week: Bugling

Luck lets you wake up 2 minutes before the bugle starts to broadcast.

Clear notes float through the woods, letting everyone know what time it is and to get their day started.  Or to hunker back into their sleeping bag and groan.

Several months ago, I made a general inquiry by email about how troops use buglers--I just don't see them outside of summer camp.  I was surprised at the passionate response from a couple of units.

One uses theirs to call out each of the 15 calls from the merit badge (as appropriate of course--you don't call "Fire" just because you can).  They keep several boys in training (whether or not they play an instrument outside of Scouting) to always have one ready to go.

Good plan.  I've seen Taps played on a tuba (no bugler)--entertaining and odd.  A bugle would have been better.


  1. Always begin with an Introduction to Merit Badges from the BSA--and the worksheet from
  2. The official requirements for Bugling.
  3. Baden-Powell and Bugle Calls from
  4. Sheet music for the bugle (or trumpet or cornet)
  5. 67 Bugle Calls by John Philip Sousa
  6. Audio:  First Call
  7. Audio:  Reveille
  8. Audio:  Assembly
  9. Audio:  Mess
  10. Audio:  Drill
  11. Audio:  Fatigue
  12. Audio:  Officers
  13. Audio:  Recall
  14. Audio:  Church
  15. Audio:  Swimming
  16. Audio:  Fire
  17. Audio:  Retreat
  18. Audio:  To the Colors
  19. Audio:  Call to Quarters
  20. Audio:  Taps

[All of the audio files are through the great site!]

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Does your troop have a bugler?  Anyone you can inspire?  Do you use your bugler to call each point in the day?  Comment below!

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