Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 Top Tweets

Twitter was a new tool for me to explore early on in 2009. It was quirky and just beginning to get a lot of press. Folks were trying out if this would be a fad or a solution.

I read a lot about how to be a good member of the Twitter community--share information, try not to advertise yourself too much, retweet other people's comments to add depth and richness to everyone's experience.

Hootsuite became my tool of choice to manage the exploding amount of information coming to my screen.

7745 times someone clicked on a link that I found useful, interesting, odd or just great fun. (By the way, 21 APR 2009 was the biggest day with 218 clicks.)

Each month, I began to post the "Top 10" from the previous month. The point was to help you not miss anything a lot of other people found interesting--especially if you don't use Twitter.

A side benefit to me was to keep some older links alive longer to see which ideas "had legs".

The result? This is the Top 10 for 2009 from Scoutsigns:

  1. Um, tasty and funny! Anyone else going camping this weekend?
  2. Positive essay on the Boy Scouts!
  3. Weekend Patrol Box #19
  4. Weekend Patrol Box #18
  5. Weekend Patrol Box #21
  6. #scouts New Post: Weekend Patrol Box #23
  7. ScoutSigns: 100th Anniversary Postage Stamp to be Announced!
  8. Great American Backyard Campout--add to your calendar!
  9. Excellent idea! Eagle Scout Parking Only sign.. (via @LatterDay_Scout)
  10. ScoutSigns: New BSA Rank Requirements Coming

I will continue to post the Top 10 each month--and I'd like your feedback.

Do you Tweet? Are you following me?

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