Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Patrol Box #28

This week's Patrol Box begins with a wash stand.

I found this great image of a wash stand to share.  Do any troop still build these things?  or has this been swept off to the faint embers of memory?  Many camp gadgets are still a great idea--and really help to reinforce knots and lashings.  I know my Scouts could use the work.
  1. To Build a Fire, by Jack London:  just appropriate this time of year, and a great story.
  2. BSA timeline--good images of our history from Scouting magazine.
  3. Handy tool for cold weather camping from PTC Media.
  4. 10 reasons parents should care about their kids being outside (more) from the National Wildlife Federation...Oh, and it's fun!
  5. Contest! BSA photo contest:  Boy Scouts of America:  Today 31 MAR 2010 is the deadline.  Think Photography merit badge or belt loop.
  6. Get in the gutter!  Gardening merit badge idea.  Simple, easy and cheap.
  7. Legos, my Scouts love you.  New Toy Story Legos coming.  
  8. Hate winter camping?  Try reading through Backpacker magazine's "Cold Comfort" guide.
  9. Video:  Bake cake in an!  Cubs all the way up to Scouters will like this easy trick. @backpackermag
  10. Audio:  Boy Scouts of America March by John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)  I've heard of it, but never heard it before this!  Great way to connect to the early days of Scouting.
Our winter schedule is getting to be as busy as our summer schedule.  Lots of camping on the horizon, planning, training and merit badge work.  What do you do in the winter to keep an active Scouting life?  Comment below!  Or stop on by Twitter to share your thoughts and insights.

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