Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue and Gold Cubmaster Minute

Our pack celebrated the Blue and Gold last night, keeping the same simple format we always use for B&G.

Flag Ceremony
Potluck dinner

Last night, we invited the troop and the new venture crew to attend as well, since it was the Centennial of Scouting.  [We bribed them with food to do the clean-up afterwards.  Worked like a charm!]

The Cub Scouts are pretty focused since dinner is a huge collection of casseroles, fried chicken and pizza.  And cake.  Don't forget the cake.

I had a flash of inspiration to help set the tone for the evening--a real celebration of Scouting.

Our first pack meeting six years ago was in February (so Blue and Gold) for six boys.  Four of those Scouts are still with our troop, the other two having moved out of the area (brothers).

So I called those four up, and explained how a mighty oak grows from a simple acorn.

Then I called up the Tigers.  The Wolves were next, followed by Bears and then the Webelos Scouts.

After that, both patrols from the troop.

And finally, the new crew (all girls).

Those four original boys have turned into forty-five.

It was amazing to see.

I think it gave the Cub Scouts a real sense of being part of something bigger than themselves and being a part of something great.

Hopefully, someone got a picture.

Did you do anything special for your Blue and Gold?  Share in the comments or on Twitter!

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