Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Patrol Box #29

I like the new 2010 Centennial rank awards.  Adding the date makes them special, and I think we'll look back on them with fondness in the future.

Watch for all of them in future editions of the Scoutsigns blog.

Snow has been in abundance.  We've had to cancel meetings this month, as well as a long anticipated backpacking trip on the C&O.  Disappointing, but man do we have a lot of snow!

On to the Patrol Box:
  1. Is Scouting in Jeopardy?
  2. 100 Days of Scouting--what are you going to do to build Scouting?  Seize the moment!
  3. Academics and Sports--all of the new ones.  Do you own a set yet?  Yes, why yes I do.
  4. 50th and 75th Anniversary strips and where to put on your uniform.  Will there be a 100th in the same style?
  5. Skijoring--I'm not even sure how to pronounce it, but it looks like fun in the snow.  Did I mention the snow yet?
  6. 33 items for your bug out bag--there is a lot of "be prepared" here (@frugaldad
  7. Something to do in the snow, besides complain about it (@campingblogger) Americans can do this, too.
  8. OK, some indoor fun (the movie could be a great troop activity)--The Lightning Thief opens Friday.
  9. Art of Manliness blog commemorates the BSA 100th Anniversary. (Usual debate in the comments though.)
  10. Did you order the Scout Sunday patches yet?  $1.99 at  Free shipping through 28 FEB, no minimum purchase.  Use promotion code FB41827.
TV, book, movie, and blog suggestions for indoors, and plenty of outdoor ideas, too!  Share your thoughts and comments below (or tweet away!).

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