Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Patrol Box #13

As mentioned before, I've been busy. Or maybe it was the number 13?

Camping kind of comes to a standstill during the Christmas and New Year's seasons. Too much work, never enough family, and an endless parade of Scouting paperwork. Think recharter...summer camp deposits...times 2 for a pack and a troop.

Sometime this year, I think/hope Venture Crew 423 will be born. Lots of planning, goal setting, and clean-up to do.

However, the Patrol Box is ready to go, looking for relaxation, education and a lot of fun!

  • Lone Star Scouter gives us something to think about: Scouters being physically fit.
  • The last "Merit Badge of the Week" challenges Scout to earn (and Scouters to "earn") the Athletics merit badge.
  • A good starting point, delivered to your email daily: Walk for Life Program
  • Apogee Rockets--Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts LOVE model rockets. Even if you are not a client, the information and newsletter archive are fascinating. Oh, and they have a grant program for groups.
  • Attitude--The Scoutmaster Minute: I'll be using this one soon.
  • Scouts have a lot of activities on their plates--The Trainer's Corner has advice on how to win their hearts and minds.
  • It's KNOT funny! Set an example for your Scouts by showing them that recognition is important. Are you up to date?
  • Swap postcards from your mailbox all around the worl--you never know where you'll hear from next! is free (but you have to buy the postage).
  • Need help with your pack or troop newsletter? Look at KISMIF's template. Do you have a newsletter?
  • BSA's Smoking Stinks! video contest--win an iPod Touch with 32GB, or a camcorder and a free BSA high-adventure camp. Maybe earn the Cinematography merit badge along the way. Deadline is 04 MAR 2009.
See anything you like? Anything missing? Email me or post a comment and let me know.


boyandgirlscoutsdotcom said...

Cool! We just started a Venturing Crew. It's been rocky. The first President didn't come through. The current President is a nice guy, but has never been a leader before. And the foremost advisor can't make it to the meetings. We're still trying to work the kinks out, but we're forging ahead and the guys are bringing their bikes in tonight for tune-ups in anticipation of the mountain biking event this weekend.

FamilyMan said...

I think it could be a lot of fun, but I'm just not familiar with the Crews. In a rural area, there aren't a lot of them for me to observe.

How do you keep it from being a duplicate of the kind of outdoor adventure the troop is having anyway?