Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Cub Scout Monthly Themes

Many packs and dens find the monthly themes useful.

They help to integrate the program with fun ideas and twists to keep the boys engaged.

[I wish the Program Helps covered Webelos--they always seem to get left out of the theme.]

One of the first things I do in June is email out the list of monthly themes to our den leaders, with the expectation that the themes be used. They are great skeletons to build on.

2009 Monthly Themes

January--"A-MAZE-ing" Games
February--American ABC's
March--When I Grow Up
April--Jurassic Pack
May--Leave Nothing But Footprints
June--A Camping We Will Go
July--Be A Sport
August--Fun In The Sun
September--Cub Scout Pockets
October--Jungle Safari
November--Cub Scout Salute
December--Works Of Art

June's theme is special. My youngest son will finally be a Tiger Scout, spending the last 5 years watching an older brother move through the pack and into the Boy Scouts.

Do you use the monthly theme in your pack or den? Do you have trouble (or a good solution) for integrating the them with your Webelos Scouts?

Share your expertise in the comments.


boyandgirlscoutsdotcom said...

I love the Cub themes. It unifies the pack meeting if everybody has something related to the theme. I'm an ornery cuss and like to go my own way on many things, but I do like incorporating the themes into my den meetings. For January I had the Tigers invent a game, play board games, worked them through progressively harder mazes, and we also worked on a skit for the pack meeting. The lessons for this month was for the guys to learn that winning feels great, losing doesn't kill you, how you play the game is more important than winning or losing, and, of course, having fun.

FamilyMan said...

The themes are fun--I wish more folks used them. I hear leaders discuss all the time about how disjointed their plans are since each den is doing their own thing.