Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Boy Scout Monthly Themes

Each month, the Boy Scout Roundtable has a plan to highlight the monthly themes for the following month.

The idea is to give you a "leg up" on material to help your Scouts expand their horizons a bit.

I wish they encouraged the units to use it more. This statement seems to water down the intent a bit, and in my mind undermines the purpose of the Roundtable theme:

Troops are encouraged to establish their own programs using Troop Program Features (Volumes I (No. 33110), II (No. 33111), and III (No. 33112)) and Troop Program Resources, No. 33588A. Therefore, they might not follow the suggested monthly program themes. You may decide to poll your units and adjust your annual program themes.

This Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide is designed to focus on serving new and weaker units, which need more direction and support.

2009 Monthly Themes

February--Public Service
March--Cultural Diversity/Disability Awareness
April--Wildlife Management
June--Emergency Preparedness
July--Health Care
December--First Aid

How do you use the monthly themes? Do you use the themes? Do you consider your program "new or weak"? Does your Roundtable follow the schedule?

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