Thursday, October 29, 2009

(Unofficial) New Academics and Sports Requirements: Index

Unofficial or not, the new Academics and Sports belt loop and pin requirements are making their way around the Internet.

Last week, I mentioned (#9) that the podcast "An Hour a Week" had news on the new Academics and Sports program. has posted the requirements to a few of them, too.  Cub Scout Talk on YahooGroups included a link to all of them.

The new ones proposed are:
  1. Abilities Awareness
  2. Family Travel
  3. Good Manners
  4. Hiking
  5. Hockey
  6. Horseback Riding
  7. Kickball
  8. Nutrition
  9. Pet Care
  10. Photography
  11. Reading and Writing
  12. Skateboarding
  13. Video Games
Thirteen new belt loops and pins--which is 2 more than had been leaked back in March and April.

No word on whether or not any of the older ones will be retired.

We still need to see if they are all approved.  Don't start earning them until they are.

Which is your favorite idea?  Which is the least?  Do you use the Academics and Sports program in your den or pack?  Comment below or @Scoutsigns.


eaglescout89 said...

All 13 are official and the new book should be out in January. No retirements at this time. Until the official release Belt-Loops and Pins cannot be earned. You don't go backwards to earn awards. Qualifications for Belt-Loops and Pins should occur after the official release of the new book. The new book is at the printer and is due back to the BSA for release mid to late December.

FamilyMan said...

Thanks for the update. I'm anxious to see the new book. I really enjoy encouraging the A&S program for my pack.

ScoutingMom said...

Scoutstuff announced today on Facebook that the new beltloops and pins should be available in the Scout Shops next week. It'd be nice if they let us know officially, what the requirements are. While I trust that the info posted here was done in good faith, it wouldn't be the first time info passed around the internet wasn't quite right.

FamilyMan said...

Yep! I'm waiting for the official notice, then I'll edit all of the blog entries.

That said, the requirements floating around now look pretty reasonable, and they give us a good idea of where BSA is going with it.