Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Patrol Box #25

This week's Patrol Box was hard to put together.  There was a lot of stuff to come across my plate this week, which is good for Scouters!  What I don't use this week, will probably go into the hopper for next week.

Weather was the first thing--I don't know about you, but ours has been all over the place. 30s some nights, rain, clouds, and tomorrow looks like it might get close to 75 degrees for "Trick or Treating".

My grass is still green and I picked 2 cups of cherry tomatoes the other day.

Be prepared, take the Hazardous Weather training, and keep a pot of soup on the back burner for the Scouts.

Enjoy the Patrol Box!
  1. Twitter--if you haven't joined Scouting on Twitter yet, you might be missing something.  From NASA to gardening, I get a lot of information here each week.
  2. Cub Scouts--(Unofficial) New Academics and Sports belt loop and pin requirements--13 new ones!
  3. Boy's Life brings you pumpkin tossing...just scroll over the L...and click on a pumpkin.
  4. Video you have to watch:  Really, it is why we are here.
  5. Venturers--you can earn the "A Year of Celebration" patch and ribbons, too.
  6. Merit Badge of the Week:  Canoeing
  7. New Book, pre-order 34% off: "Boy Scouts of America:  A Centennial History"  Help make it a bestseller!  288 pages of Scouting.
  8. Wildlife vampires--oxpeckers, vampire finches and leeches...'tis the season...
  9. Not done with Halloween thoughts yet:  America's Scariest Trails from
  10. Another Scouting YahooGroup:  Lone Scouts
Take some time to explore new areas of Scouting this weekend!

Comments?  Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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