Thursday, October 29, 2009

(Unofficial) New Academics and Sports Requirements: Family Travel

Unofficial Academics and Sports requirements for Family Travel:

Belt Loop
Complete these three requirements:
1. Make a list of things you would take on a three-day trip with your family, then pack these items in a bag or suitcase.
2. With an adult’s help, figure out the cost and miles to complete a trip to a place of interest using the family car or public transportation.
3. Research at least five places to visit during a trip to a place of interest. Explain what you learned to your family.

Earn the Family Travel belt loop and complete five of the following requirements:
1. Go on a trip with your family that includes at least one overnight stay. Keep a journal of your trip and then share it with your den leader.
2. Play a travel game while traveling in a car.
3. With an adult, make a list of safety rules to follow when traveling in the car or while using public transportation such as a bus, plane, boat, and train. Share the list to your den.
4. With the help of a parent or adult partner, use a computer to look up an airfare from your closest airport to a city in a foreign country. Calculate the total travel time, the day and time you will leave your home, and the day and time you will arrive at your destination.
5. Visit a travel agent office or look up a travel Web site.
6. Using pictures, explain to a family member how people’s forms of transportation have changed in the last 300 years.
7. Visit with an adult who has driven in a different country. List five things that the adult found to be very different from driving in the United States.
8. Make a list of occupations that people have that are related to traveling. Describe the position you would like to try. Explain to a family member why you chose that occupation.
9. Learn how to apply for a U.S. passport. With adult supervision, read an actual application and complete as much of the form as you can.
10. Change $1,000 U.S. dollars into pounds, Euros, or pesos.

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