Friday, October 02, 2009

Weekend Patrol Box #22

This has been a busy week.  Scouting on top of end-of-month processing at work, punctuated with a pack performance on Wednesday night.

Family Camp at Camp Rock Enon started the week--cool weather, and plenty of rain.  The rain forced the event's campfire indoors, but we still had fun while drying out.

But honestly, I wasn't prepared enough for the rain.  Our family tent needs to be replaced.  We need a few more disposable ponchos.  Glow sticks--I always forget the glow sticks!

Take a few minutes to enjoy the weekend with this patrol box:
  1. Merit Badge of the Week:  Bugling I never hear enough buglers at Scouting events.  And recordings just aren't the same.
  2. Nothing But Nets initiative with BSA.  Video, BSA-Nothing But Nets tool kit to download--19 powerful pages of program for your units to take on. Do you currently have a service project that actually saves lives?  This is your chance--it is that big.
  3. Bat Conservation Times latest newsletter--important, and still creepy.
  4. Pamlico Sea Base--how is this in my backyard and I've never heard about it? Video Prices seem reasonable, too.
  5. Year of Celebration patch, requirements for Cubs, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Scouters and Alumni
  6. Summary of options available for Scouting Resources for the disabled.  Have you used these?  
  7. Make Leaf Prints:  perfect for this time of the year, courtesy of NWF's Green Hour.
  8. Boy Scout fabric?  Yep, my sons are getting curtains soon!
  9. United Methodist Men offer a new volunteer position:  Scouting Ministry Specialist (via @UMM_Scouter)
  10. Does your camp offer something like Haunted Woods at Camp Rock Enon?  Stop by if you are in the area...
If your council has a Haunted Woods program, leave a comment below and share the details!  

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