Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Patrol Box #24

Hallowe'en is coming up fast, and there are plenty of Haunted Houses in our area to go to (including at Camp Rock Enon this weekend).  This fundraising effort by our council shows the kind of project that can be accomplished when folks make an idea happen.

If you are in the area, stop by--there are G and PG-13 versions so that little kids can enjoy it, too.

What do your Scouts do for Hallowe'en?  

I heard about a Cub Scout pack that dressed up in costumes and then conducted a regular meeting learning CPR basics.  

Not sure which was scarier, Cubs doing CPR or costumes...;-)

That definitely puts the "fun" in Scouting though!

Wet or dry, warm or cold, enjoy this week's Patrol Box.

  1. How to build an igloo--Boy's Life online
  2. Most of us have heard of Venturers and Explorers, and maybe even Sea Scouts--but how about Air Scouts and the Senior Degree Honor Society? Try Senior Scouting History for all of the programs Scouting has offered to older Scouts over the years.
  3. New (to me) YahooGroup for Venturing--if you have a crew or are considering one (like me) this is a good resource to learn more about the program.
  4. NASA has new hardware for us to get excited about--might not help with your campout, but it will surely inspire them--Ares is scheduled for a test flight on 27 OCT. (via Twitter @NASA_Ares_I_X)
  5. Wearing your uniform to "trick or treat"? Cracker Barrel blog wants to know what you think.
  6. is really cleaning house:  how about "Den Meeting in a Box" kits (made for 10 Scouts and a month of work) for $9.88?  I hear uniforms are $6-8 in the older style now, too.
  7. 4th Grade Webelos Scout Fast Tracks program--very neat stuff going on now for Webelos Scouts.
  8. Art of Manliness blog has a book now--received mine this week and it is great reading.  Lots of information to share on "Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man".
  9. An Hour A Week podcast #199--I'm about to listen to this, but it promises news on the NEW Academics and Sports belt loops and pins. From PTC Media.
  10. Have you reached out to Scouting alumni yet?  Try the Alumni version of the "A Year of Celebration" patch and ribbons.  Let's get 'em back!
Hope your weekend goes well, and that you get to crack open that patrol box!

Comments or thoughts?  What do you think of podcasts and blogs for Scouting?  Leave word below or @Scoutsigns on Twitter.


toomuchcountry said...

Timely on the Yahoo Venture group. My 14 y/o Star soon-to-be-Life just registered for Venture. But neither of us knows much of what its about. Hopefully this group will help with understanding & ideas. Great suggestions as always.

Jim R said...

For a non-Halloween Halloween event, our pack does a pack meeting with a "Fear Factor" theme. (Try Googling "fear factor party ideas".)

Each den is tasked with designing and conducting a table or booth to challenge the courage of the other dens. Some ideas we've done:

> WALK OVER BROKEN GLASS - Blindfolded, walk over a tarp covered in potato chips.

> INSECT CHALLENGE - In a large aquarium or plastic bucket, fill with 3-4 dozen crickets (available at a pet store as feed) and a mixture of coin change. In 30 secs, try to gather as much $$ as possible without injuring the crickets. (Cubmaster - me - eats a few crickets during the evening just to gross out the kids.)

This is wildly fun night, brings out the craftiness of some dens, a joy to watch, and doesn't bother any of the parents who might otherwise dislike the Halloweeen theme.

Warning - no uniforms, Class Bs only as some booths can get messy.

FamilyMan said...

@toomuchcountry--Glad it helped out! For all the years and sons I've put into Scouting, I really don't have a great grasp of Venturing. I'm hoping that YahooGroup will educate me quickly.

@Jim R--excellent ideas! We too have the issue of folks not liking the Halloween experience and others are all for it. Good balance with this idea. Will definitely try to do next year.