Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #7

Wow, the fall colors are out in great form this weekend.

I just returned from a trip, and need to get the Patrol Box out before the weekend fades into the sunset. We have a Patrol Leaders Council at my house tonight, so there is a lot to get packed in quickly.

Next month's theme for the Boy Scouts is "High Adventure"; for the Cub Scouts, it is "Seeds of Kindness". Our troop will have their semi-annual elections, followed by a Court of Honor. Both the pack and the troop have Scouting for Food projects, too.

OK, let's get to the patrol box.

For Cub Scouts: Seeds of Kindness Program Helps from the BSA.

Boy Scouts have "High Adventure" in mind, pages 66-75. Note--this is a step in the right direction for the BSA, to put the Troop Program Features online. Now they just need to split the 3 volumes up!

BSA: Scouting Safely--lots of links from here regarding all aspects of safety, including the Guide to Safe Scouting, Age-Appropriate Guidelines, Safe Swim Defense, and a lot more.

One more thing this week from BSA: the American Red Cross and BSA Training Agreement--are you taking advantage of it?

Christmas and other holiday seasons are right around the has the new catalog out.

Safely cross a river without a

Or cross a river with Ropes and Poles' pontoon ferry.

The Scoutmaster Minute has some advice on Jamboree interviews. Good things to think about in general, too.

Incarcerated Scouts? Idea for a new unit in your council?

Building a camp flag pole from the Chairman's Chat blog.

Merit Badge of the Week: Animal Science

Almost the end: Popcorn tip #8

Webelos Crossover: wants to know when your Webelos move on. Vote to see when most units do it.

So, what are you doing this weekend to help move Scouting along? Leave a comment!

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