Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #9

Happy Halloween! And many of you will be remembering All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.

Trick-or-treating on a Friday night is a busy way to start the weekend. Going to be chilly tonight, and I'm taking my grandkids out with my younger children to scare up some candy from the neighbors.

If you see a guy with a blindingly bright headlamp herding seven kids (five of which are under 3) down a dark neighborhood road, that would be me!

Please drive safely tonight!

The Patrol Box this week will warm you up when you get home, and after you've sorted candy and survived the subsequent sugar high and sugar crash. Grab a warm hot chocolate and read away.

  1. Boy-Scout-Talk is a free resource with excellent contributors. I read in "digest" format, and it is very manageable that way. Join! You will learn a lot!
  2. Cub-Scout-Talk is the same way, just for the younger at heart.
  3. Bat Conservation International has a new newsletter out. My Webelos Scouts have built their basic bat house before--good project!
  4. Scouting News: National Eagle Scout Association college scholarship info--get started!
  5. Free shipping Halloween Day only!
  6. Blister information from Scoutmaster.
  7. ...and a patrol box wash station, too. A Scout is clean.
  8. Backpacking Tip of the Week--good idea to keep it all organized. [Wish I'd thought of that column idea...;-) ]
  9. Commissioner's Corner has some thoughts on why we lose boys.
  10. ...and has more to say about it.
  11. Great time of the year to try out letterboxing or geocaching.
  12. A Scoutmaster's Blog has a good list of "outdoor skill" Scout trivia for you and your Scouts to try.

If there is a blog or website that you think Scouts and Scouters would like to know about, please post a comment below or email me.

Everyone have a BOO-tiful night!

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