Monday, October 06, 2008

Popcorn Tip--Week #7: Try a new neighborhood or business district

After a few weeks of knocking on the neighbors’ doors, selling in front of a “big box” store, calling Grandma and sending a sign-up sheet to Dad’s workplace, it might be time to be adventurous.

Try a new neighborhood. Bike over with a buddy, or see if someone can walk around one evening with you.

In my town there are neighborhoods without a lot of kids. Some of them are where mostly retired folks live.

Give it a try. The same rules apply. Look sharp in your uniform. Be neat and clean. Use your manners. Introduce yourself. Thank folks for their time, whether or not they buy from you.

Let people know that they are helping to “support Scouting”.

You might very well find a street or two or six, that haven’t had anyone stop by to ask yet.

This might be a good neighborhood to try for other projects in the future, like “Scouting for Food”, mowing yards, raking leaves or shoveling snow.

There are lots of people who would love to find a young Scout to help them out all year round. Keep your eyes open to the possibilities!

Tip: older Scouts can try businesses in the area—insurance offices, bookstores, gas stations, dry cleaners, florists, law and real estate offices, or any other small businesses you would find grouped together.

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