Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #8

This is the last weekend before Hallowe'en, and then the holiday rush begins.

Our regular meeting times are on Wednesday nights, so Thanksgiving rushes our month a bit. The same thing happens in December, with Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve falling on a meeting night.

I hate to cancel meetings, but a Scout's (and Scouter's) first duty is home and family so we cancel on the "eves".

For some of us fundraising is ending, and for others that sell Christmas trees and other holiday items, it is just getting underway.

This just adds to the joy of the season!

Enjoy the Patrol Box, and have a great weekend.
  1. To lead the Patrol Box off this weekend, how about a little online fun--carve a virtual pumpkin!
  2. Tuesday is "Free Taco" Day! Don't miss it!
  3. Did you participate in JOTA/JOTI this year? Ropes and Poles brings scoutcraft to the 51st JOTA and 12th JOTI this year.
  4. Popcorn season is the bag (couldn't resist!).
  5. Boy Scout Radio, for and by Boy Scouts, every Saturday at Radio Sandy Springs in Atlanta. Shows are archived and can be heard online.
  6. 121 merit badges, and Coleman Carter has them all! [Maybe skip the "comments" section for, as they don't appear to be filtered.]
  7. Archaeology is one that he has, too.
  8. Merit badge commentary from The Scoutmaster Minute.
  9. The Scoutmaster Minute also brings a Backpacking Tip of the Week. A timely discussion on layering in this column.
  10. Girl Scout Stew with a side of Thin Mints...courtesy of
  11. Or maybe dutch oven Caramel Pineapple Rolls from Lone Star Scouter (Troop 483 blog).
  12. Who knew that Scouting's favorite burro has a blog? Pedro's Weblog from

Hope you enjoyed the Weekend Patrol Box--if you have any sites worth seeing, please leave a comment or email me.

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