Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #5

The weather is sunny and warm, and down into the 40s at night. Perfect for camping and dragging out the Patrol Box. Lots of interesting things in the Patrol Box this week.

Fire is always popular. There is also a video and a video game tucked away to help pass the time. The Cub theme this month is "Adventures in Books", so count on plenty to read.

Autumn seems to bring out the best of everything.

Participate in the Great American Fire Drill in October. The National Fire Protection Association reminds us that 05-11 OCT is Fire Prevention Week.

Plant a family tree, courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation's Green Hour program.

Cub Scouts have the Map and Compass belt loop; Boy Scout's have the Second Class map and compass requirement (1A). Let Backpacker magazine's video help you learn how.

Catch up on Baloo's Bugle at's edition is out now for "Seeds of Kindness"--49 pages of fun and training.

Popcorn? Did I mention popcorn? also has a Cubcast (podcast) available for the "Adventures in Books" theme. Also covers Scouts recruiting new Scouts. This is a BIG download (23.7MB) for those on dial-up.

The BSA theme this month is Engineering: so what is a swingboat? Ropes and Poles shows us another great project. [If you build any of the Ropes and Pole projects, I'd love to see a picture of it. Send to scoutsigns.]

R&P also led me to another pioneering and engineering site: Pioneering Made Easy in the UK. Here is the scaffold hitch needed on another swingboat from South Africa. [I need to find a good source for poles.]

Boys' Life online provides a new game: Robots vs. Aliens Chess

With the political season in full swing, don't miss a chance to work on the American Heritage merit badge, from ScoutSigns.

The future of Cub Scouting? Lion program update from

A Scoutmaster's Blog: Button's reads Baden-Powell's last message to Scouting. Kids really seem to like this series.

Lone Star Scouter encourages you to seek training on climbing for your Scouts.

Well, that should give you plenty to see, read, listen to and do for the weekend.

If I missed anything, let me know!

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