Friday, October 03, 2008

Resource Update: The Frontier Culture Museum

The other day I received a mailing from The Frontier Culture Museum.

Since it is in my backyard, I should have thought of it when I listed resources for the American Cultures merit badge.

This is a living history area, with working farms from Germany, England and mid-19th century America. Very "hands on" and kids love it.

If you are in the area or just coming down Interstate 81 on vacation, this is a great stop to make. Expecially if you are working on the American Cultures merit badge or the American History merit badge.

From their website:

"...research areas include the early modern cultural, economic, political, and social history of England, Germany, and Ireland; pre-colonial West Africa, with special attention to the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria; Atlantic history and the migration of people and culture; colonial America and the United States to 1860, with special attention to Virginia west of the Blue Ridge Mountains; and the creation, growth, and spread of American frontier culture. The Museum also conducts research on a range of special topics such as historic agriculture and farming practices; rare and minor breeds of livestock; food and foodways; material culture, tools, implements, and furnishings; vernacular architecture and landscapes; traditional arts and crafts; costuming and textiles; domestic skills and household management; land tenure and use; inheritance practices; and exchange and trade.

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