Monday, September 15, 2008

Popcorn Tip--Week #4: Neighbors

No matter where you live, you have neighbors. They might be in an apartment upstairs, the townhouse next door, across the street, or on the next farm—but you have neighbors.

First, put a sign in your yard letting everyone know you are selling popcorn to “support Scouting”.

Second, get a buddy. A buddy might be an older sister, a Boy Scout, or a parent—the buddy system always applies.

Next, put 10 one-dollar bills into an envelope for change, and put your sign-up sheet on a clipboard. You and your buddy are ready to go see the neighbors!

Go up to the first door and knock. If no one answers, try the doorbell. If no one answers after that, go to the next door.

If someone answers the door, tell them: “Hi, I’m Tim and I wanted to know if you’d like to help support Scouting?” Then be quiet and listen to what they say.

If “No”, thank them for their time, and go to the next door. There is nothing wrong with “No”.

If “Yes”, show them the options on your clipboard, and let them look. Ask them to fill in the information on the sign-up sheet. Then, ask if they would like to go ahead and pay now—this will make delivery a lot faster for you in November.

They can always pay later when you make your delivery. When they are finished, let them know that the delivery will be in mid-November. Thank them for their time and for “supporting Scouting”.

Finally, go to the next door.

If you do this for half-an-hour, a couple of times a week, you’ll be surprised how quickly you fill up a sheet!

Tip: Sometimes people want to know what your favorite kind is, or what you recommend. Know the answer, so you can tell them right away!

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