Monday, September 22, 2008

Popcorn Tip--Week #5: Big Box Stores

Wal-Mart, Target, Books-a-Million, Lowes are all kinds of "big box" stores. They are often supporters of Scouting.

While they won't let you walk around inside selling, they will usually let you set up a table outside so you can sell popcorn.

Your popcorn chairman will probably make the arrangements. They will work out a time and date, bring the popcorn and the sign-up sheets, and look for Scouts to help work at the booth.

Volunteer! Let them know you want to help.

Thousands of people walk through those big doors everyday. People just like you, who like to see a young Scout out trying to help "support Scouting".

Show up for your turn at the table on time, and in uniform. Be neat and clean. Use the bathroom before you start your turn! Have a buddy at the table all the time.

Smile! Be excited! If you are excited, the people you talk to will get excited.

Stand up. Sitting down doesn't make you look very excited.

Say "Hi" to people as they walk to the doors. Even if they don't answer or look at you, "A Scout is friendly."

If they do look at you, ask them if they would like to help "support Scouting". Some will come over to your table, some won't.

Let them look at the popcorn, and then ask them to fill in the sign-up sheet. Collect the money, and give them the popcorn. Thank them for helping to "support Scouting".

Stay until the next Scout arrives to work at the table—and wish him luck!

Tip: Some folks want to leave a cash donation instead of buying popcorn. Our units add up those donations during the popcorn season, and buy "Military Donations" with them. Just seems like the right thing to do!

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