Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #2

This week’s Patrol Box is chock full of goodies for you to sample. Since this is the second edition after last week's, we now have a "tradition".

There were a lot of interesting things this week, both Scouting and non-Scouting oriented, that will help your Scouts have a great Scouting experience.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think! If you don't see a blog or website below that needs mentioning, put in the comments below.

Backpacker magazine leads the way with a fun video about handling bear attacks on the trail. No “bears or interns” were harmed indeed.

American Red Cross has news on efforts for Hurricane Ike. Perfect timing: September is National Preparedness Month.

Popcorn tip #3 at Scoutsigns shows you how to tap a few big sales this season.

Boy's Life online has a great tool (new to me) to help keep Scouts "physically strong"--the BL Gym!

Boy Scout Trail's Scoutmaster Musings has quick advice for packing your pack properly--good photo examples!

A Scoutmaster’s Blog taunts us with Magic Eskimo Counting Sticks. If you know the secret, feel free to tell me!

The Scoutmaster Minute is all about character and the 12 points.

Lone Star Scouter is preparing for Ike, with a good list of things to do to prepare for big weather.

Tip Dad blog: What killed backyard football games? Some good points to consider about life balance for kids.

KISMIF continues to be better organized than I am: November's theme for Cub Scouts. There are also more entries to help out with October's Adventures in Books.

After reading all of that, there will be a lot of information to digest!

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