Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #4

Hmmm, looks like a rainy weekend coming up.

Better make sure the Patrol Box has things in plastic baggies to keep everything fresh and dry.

This wet weekend will need plenty of coffee, a merit badge manual, maybe a video, plenty to read and a project to try out.

Hope you have a good weekend, stay dry and well informed!

On a cold, wet weekend, coffee is an issue. The comments section has plenty of good advice, too.

How to Use a Bear Canister courtesy of Another informative video from the experts, part of their Survival 101 series.

American Cultures merit badge is the Merit Badge of the Week at Scoutsigns. This is another under-earned merit badge (my opinion). It is pretty straight forward, and needs a quick look.

Adventures in Books is the Cub theme for October. Use to help prepare your pack's month of adventure.

There is a reading contest at Boys' Life, too. Everyone gets a patch, some will win up to $100 in gift certificates. Plenty of time--grab a book!

Scouts can't have all the fun. Here is a contest just for Scouters: Great Tastes in Camp Cooking Recipe Contest. Entries are due soon--01 OCT 2008, so hurry! You can enter online. Anyone have a recipe worth $400?
A wet weekend at a picnic table under cover is good time to carve the perfect pumpkin. 'Tis the season. is also popcorn season. Tip #5 is available now, with about half the season to go.

Any tips you think should be here? Drop me a line at Scoutsigns or use the comments below.

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