Friday, September 05, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #1

The Weekend Patrol Box is a summary of the links that I have come across during this week. Hopefully, they will add something special to your units.

A good patrol box has all the goodies in it you need to get through the weekend--spices, utensils, pans, maybe a dutch oven, matches and more. If something is missing, you can often find something else tucked away in a corner to make due with, or create something completely new!

This patrol box is stocked with things to help you and your Scouts have a great Scouting experience:

ScoutSigns began with a way to help get your popcorn sales poppin'!

A Scoutmaster's Blog has 10 GREAT reasons to be a leader.

I've shared The Knight's Code with my Cubs before, and they liked seeing the similarities with the Cub Scout Promise.

The Cub Scout theme for September is New Buddies--all about being a friend and recruiting new Scouts. Definitely use the Program Helps to keep your pack and dens on track.

Scoutmaster Musings over at shares information on a new way to promote Leave No Trace within your troop.

KISMIF--Keep it simple, make it fun! Links to help with September's Communicator activity badge for Webelos Scouts.

BSA is highlighting National Scout Day in coordination with the National Park Service--Saturday, 27 SEP 2008.

Ropes and Poles is a new website (to me), and the Belgian Arch Bridge shows you what Scouts can do when they put their minds to it!

Did I miss a link or blog that you think was important? Please let me know in the Comments.

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