Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Patrol Box #3

The Patrol Box is clean, stocked and ready for another weekend of fun and Scouting.

There are a lot of goodies below, waiting to help your program out. Merit badges, a fire building video, popcorn sales, and lots to ponder--have a good weekend!

Ropes and Poles strikes again! (This is quickly becoming a favorite website.) Troop 423 will be trying out the Simple Friction Lock Bridge this weekend.

Scoutsigns introduced the Merit Badge of the Week Program--and the first week is American Business. Find lots of resources to help a Scout, or Scouter turned merit badge counselor.

The Scoutmaster Minute points out the value of your money in Scouting. A Scout is thrifty. This doesn't always mean "cheap".

Speaking of value: how are your popcorn sales going? See another tip--4th one!

Social networking is a growing part of your Scout's life: now the BSA has joined Facebook to connect with them.

Backpacker magazine demonstrates starting a fire with one match, a great survival skill to master. Video clips grab attention, and men are definitely visual--use them in your meetings.

BoyScoutTrail lights up a Webelos activity badge ceremony.

The Boy Scout Trail blog also highlights, where the intersections of latitude and longitude are photographed for an unique look at the world.

Let me know if there are other sites or news you would like to see. I'd love to read your comments on any way you use this material.

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