Monday, September 29, 2008

Popcorn Tip--Week #6: Sign-up sheets at work

Bringing a sign-up sheet to work is an easy idea. Older Scouts may be able to bring one to their own jobs.

Almost every Scout can ask a parent to bring one in, too.

Before you do though, parents should check with the workplace to make sure it is OK. No one wants to get a parent in trouble while they are trying to help “support Scouting”.

If it is OK, then make sure the sign-up sheet has your name on it. Fill in the line at the bottom about payments made by check. Just like selling to your neighbors, the parent can collect up front, or when they deliver the popcorn.

Make sure the sign-up sheet shows that deliveries will be made in mid-November.

Maybe you can walk around where your parent works—ask and see. If so, remember to wear your uniform, and bring your best manners. Thank everyone for their time.

When it is time for delivering the popcorn, ask your parent if you can help with the deliveries. Grown-ups like to see a Scout doing his own work.

Tip: Remember, the people your parents work with are important to your parents! Be polite and friendly.

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